Snacks Making Machine

Snacks Making Machine are highly advanced processing units that are equipped with advanced technologies and drives that make them highly efficient and easy to use. There are wide range of such food grade machineries availed by us at low price.

Spice Grinding Machines

The Spice Grinding Machines we offer are used to grind up the dried, hard and whole spices. The machines perform the grinding task coarsely and turn the spice into a powder. Offered spice processing apparatuses are economically viable.

Fish Feed Processing Line

Fish Feed Processing Line are exclusively made for producing commercial pellets from corn, grains, protein, maize, molasses, grass, and so on. These provide unique flavor, fine texture and rich nutrients to the feed that are used for the feeding of aquatic ones.

Dough Kneader And Mixer

Dough Kneader And Mixers are used to make soft dough with required ingredients. These are operated in an efficient, safe and hygienic manner. Offered are the commercial machines of simple mechanism and advanced functionality.

Murmura Production Machine

These Murmura Production Machines are loaded with modern technologies to ensure high-quality standards of the murmura. They are high-speed machines available with user-friendly controls for easy working and management.


Onion And Garlic Production Line

Onion And Garlic Production Lines are provided with high-technology and durable spare parts to provide the best output with minimum maintenance. We provide affordable lines for producing high-quality products at affordable prices.

Bakery Equipment

Provided Bakery Equipments are known for their long working life, hygienic production method and high output. These machines can endure up to 0.7 Mpa steam pressure and consume maximum 18 kg gas. Up to 440v voltage consumption is one of their key features.

Roasting Machine

High-tech Roasting Machines are designed with high production speed to ensure high production speed and quality. They are high-tech machines available with anti-abrasive coating to ensure minimum maintenance. 

Food Processing Machine

Food Processing Machines are available with advance technology for enhancing the production speed and quality of the foods. They are designed in anti-abrasive structure to provide the best to the clients.

Fish Food

Fish Food has vital role in improving water resistance capacity, immunity power and digestive function of fishes. All these feed products have been produced from mustard seeds, rice bran and soybean. High nutrients level, accurate composition and long shelf life are some of their key features.

Rice Roasting Puffing Machine

Rice Roasting Puffing Machines offered by us have food grade metal made contact parts that maintain hygienic quality of produced puffed rice. These standard grade machines are equipped with energy efficient AC drive controlled pulling motor and 3 phase filling motor.

Oil Mill Machinery

Oil Mill Machinery are heavy duty extractors used for the production of toxin and contamination free pure oil by the pressing of organic seeds of cotton, mustard etc. There are various different variants of such heavy duty industrial machines availed by us at a reasonable price range.

Continuous Oil Fryer

Continuous Oil Fryers offered by us are known for their low oil usage level, fuel efficient frying method and hygienic production technique. Space saving look, maximum 800  kg sorting capacity in every hour and single phase design are the key aspects of these oil fryers.

Packing Machine

Packing Machine are fully automated industrial units that are especially designed for the food and beverage industries for the manufacturing of large number of completely sealed pouches of snacks and other food items such as cereal, nuts, spices and any more.

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